TFL-MEN | NEW YORK | BTS 01.30.2017

TFL Couture ~ Men’s

NYC Men’s Editorial

Photographer: Troi Santos

Creative Director: Sands LCP

Stylist: Claris Minas Manglicmot

Make Up Design: Pauline Magno

Hair Design: Maili Carpino

Modèles LCP – Modeling Agency


  • Pierre Moreau
  • Elgar Hsn
  • Denny Lafleur

Production Supporter: Romuel Aguila


  • TFL Couture
  • Couture Culture & Arts – CCA

NYC Co-Organizer: Troi Santos

Toronto Men’s Editorial

Photographer: Nick Merzetti

MUA/Hair: Paola Ortiz


  • Giancarlo Murano
  • Julian Ross Romano
  • Cohen Pinkoski
  • Callum Torrance

Thanks for the videos: Sands Palabrica, & Troi Santos

Background Music: White Iverson ~ Post Malone

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