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Couture, Culture and Arts (CCA) is an initiative supporting fashion and arts, inspired by the diversity of our Canadian population. Every event we mix artists and participants of different levels and talents to inspire, learn, share and captivate among the team and the guests. We welcome everyone, from organizers, sponsors, the media, fashion and art lovers alike.

I. Fashion

We feature in the runway vary from, accessories, street wear, formal, experimental, avant-garde and couture collections from the best emerging and established designers of the country and internationally.

II. Film

We showcase a collection of films from emerging filmmakers to promote their work to the public. We hear their story, and understand their perspective of their world. We invite successful film artists to share their techniques, experiences and films to inspire their co-artists in the film industry.

III. Photography and Artworks

We exhibit and display works of photographers, painters and sculptures in all of our virtual and actual venues to stimulate visual senses on our fashion and arts pursuit.

IV. Performance

Our featured singers, dancers and performers will give dynamic one-of-a kind and exhilarating live performances to captivate our audience’s hearts.